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Evidences of the existence of God & Signs leading to faith


3 Evidences:

Everywhere is filled with evidence of God's existence.
Just one is enough for us to know Allah.
Another protein is needed for a protein to form. This infinite loop indicates that proteins existed all at once.
Living things have remained unchanged for billions of years, and fossils show that they existed perfectly.
Unconscious atoms dispersed by an explosion one day decided to form sun, earth, human body, proteins and bacteria.


In the process of folding proteins, other protein Chaperon is needed.
The 'HSP70' chaperone protein is a large and complex molecule that interacts with the partially folded protein molecule, allowing the protein to fold exactly. While doing this, HSP40 gets support from other proteins such as 'nucleotide-exchange factors'.
Proteins do not only need other molecules such as chaperon to be able to fold properly, These proteins need help in order to continue their functions after folding properly.
Even with this scientific fact, once a protein molecule is formed, it still needs other proteins to survive and function. The fact that proteins need other pre-existing proteins to form is evidence that all the proteins are created at once.
God created all the proteins at once.

The Miracle of Protein


The oldest known living fossils belong to bacteria that lived about 3.7 billion years ago.
When the rock layers in the Apex Chert region of Australia are examined, we reach the cyanobacteria fossils that are up to 3.9 billion years old, namely stromatolites. 3.5 billion year old fossils have been identified in Greenland. These microorganisms, called blue-green algae in the history of life, are fully and perfectly working they suddenly appeared and provided the oxygen that the Earth's atmosphere needs. Cyanobacteria produce 30% of the world's annual oxygen amount alone; this number is equivalent to the amount produced by all green plants in the world.
As in cyanobacteria, all fossils discovered so far are seen in living beings with their complete and flawless structures.
From the fossil record, we understand that living things were created in an instant without any change in their structure.
Surah al-Hashr, verse 24: "He is God, the Creator, (in the most beautiful way) who perfectly creates, gives 'shape and form'. He is the most beautiful names."

Atlas of Creation Volume 1


With a body of atoms, you breathe atoms in the air, eat atoms in food, drink atoms of water. What you see is something other than the electrons of the atoms in your eyes collide with photons. not. So what do you feel by touching? They are just atoms in your skin repelling atoms in things ...
Of course, many people today know that their body, the universe, the world in short, everything is made up of atoms. But perhaps he has not thought about the system of what we call the "atom" up to now. Or even if he thought he did not need to investigate how it came about; because he thought it was just the job of physicists. However, human lives with this flawless system throughout his life.
Moreover, this is such a system that each of the trillions of atoms that make up only the seat we sit in has a regularity on which books can be written. It can take pages to describe the formation, system and power of a single atom.
The impossibility of the living-inanimate, atom forming everything in the universe to occur on its own or by chance and the perfection of God's creation is evident.

The Miracle in The Atom